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Weight Vest can be used to:

  • Increase the intensity of your dog's walk to tire them out faster or curb destructive behaviour.  
  • Calm your anxious dog in the same way you'd use a weighted blanket, whether its out walking past other dogs or inisde when there's a storm.
  • Improves your dogs strength and fitness.
  • Doubles as a Life Jacket.
  • Water proof.


Weights not included.
Weight can be added using water bottles in each side pocket or for more precise weight you can weigh out rice into a zip lock bag and insert.

Training Weight Vest

  • Size Chart

    Size Neck Chest Hind Length
    Small 40-50cm 60-70cm 58-68cm 27cm
    Medium 60-70cm 80-100cm 75-95cm 30cm
    Large 70-90cm 90-115cm 85-110cm 32cm


  • Disclaimer

    Weight should only be used for adult dogs.

    Do not use weighted vest to exercise your dog during hot weather.

    Do not use weighted vest on pregnant or injured dogs.

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