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The Good Hound Company is a dog training and rehabilitation business on a mission to help all dogs no matter the size, age, breed, temperament or past. We believe any dog can be rehabilitated and has the capacity to become a well mannered family pack member.

We understand that every dog is completely unique and has different 

motivators, personalities, pasts and sometimes traumas, just like us, so we draw from a range of training techniques to create the best training or rehabilitation plan specific for you and your dog. 

We use behavioural training, positive reinforcement, obedience training and many other techniques depending on your dog, however every class is centred around natural dog behaviour and psychology so you can understand exactly WHY your dog is behaving the way it is and how the training plan will help you and your pack.      

We support and work closely with Starting Over Dog Rescue, a not for profit dog rescue that saves over 800 dogs a year and is 100% operated by volunteers. 

Check out OUR PACK to see which dogs are currently in foster care with us and ready for adoption!

You can also check out our STORE, where 10% of the profits from our Weighted Vests are donated to Starting Over Dog Rescue.   


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